Fish and Destroy Game

Fish and DestroyFish and Destroy Game: See how quick your reflexes are by trying to survive in this unique fish eating game! Explore its wonders as long as you can, but be cautious not go get trapped and killed by them. To have the strength to go further eat the sulky fishes. They are attracted by your light. Then use their bones as bullets to destroy enemies. Meanwhile collect batteries to charge your bulb. But don’t forget to turn it off to avoid the sneaky devil fish, and always remember if you see a shark don’t hesitate to shoot it right away. Its your bones or his. Touching enemies is deadly so make sure you take all the hearts you can to keep you alive. Watch out for the other enemies who are surprisingly unfriendly in this fish and destroy world game.
Player 1: WASD to move, Q to shoot. Player 2: Arrow keys to move and L to shoot. P to pause and Esc to quit to main menu.

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