Home Run Rally

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Home Run Rally

Home Run Rally

Welcome to Home Run Rally, a baseball batting game! This is a home run derby where you have 50 pitches to knock the ball out of the park.
Instructions. The on screen instructions do not work, so we’ll insert them here. You have 50 pitches fired at you by the pitcher. They come in rapid fired, and there’s every pitch imaginable, you watch the ball! Timing is critical. You control the batter with your mouse. Put the cursor on screen, move the batter as you need in response to the pitches, and press your mouse key to swing. We have found that placing the cursor on the incoming ball helps in connecting, and as important is timing your swing. Too early or too late and you will miss.

Batting Champ

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Batting Champ retro baseball batting game.

Play Batting Champ game for free

Are you a batting champ? You could be, here at least. This is Batting Champ, a baseball batting video game simulator. Hit the ball as far as you can, that’s the goal. But first you have to make contact. Select your level, then use your mouse to position your batter side to side, and swing by moving your cursor down to up.
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