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Ultimate Football
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This is a flash game called Ultimate Football. However, you cannot run the ball. Heck, you don’t even take a snap, yet you seemingly have an endless supply of footballs to throw, in a game like setting.

Five minutes on the Clock

There are 5 minutes on the game clock, and, there are no time outs. Also, you have 5 balls you can throw away, but and endless supply to throw in those 5 minutes. Miss any of your many receivers, or get intercepted 5 times, the game is over. The deeper the reception, the more points you get. Those deep ones are much harder to make, and the lead time is different than in real time.


Use your computer arrows, L and R (< – >) to move your quarterback into position to throw, if need be. Use your space bar to throw the ball. This is a flash game. So, sorry Android and iPhone users!
You only have so much time until the clock runs out, and scoring is based on completions. Lead your receivers right, don’t miss, and do not throw interceptions. The game will end sooner!

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See an example of this game being played at https://youtu.be/yjeHXvQBkMI
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