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Mr Flap

Mr Flap

Say hello to Mr Flap, a video game with a little square bird that will make your head spin! How far can you get?
This bird is not so aerodynamic, However, that never stopped game designers in the past, so why would it now? Am I right?

This bird is an odd fellow, er, bird, and your objective is to fly him as far around his little world as you can. Having played it several times, here a way to think of the game.
Your bird is basically flying around what amounts to a black hole, although it is not one, nor is it black. You use your mouse, hitting the left button to keep his wings going, but gravity here is pretty strong. Flap too little, boom, to the ground you go. Flap too hard and you get killed on the roof, or, event horizon, as I like to think of it.

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Mr Flap

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