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Special Forces Game - AtoZgames.com
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Special Forces Game
Special Forces Game image

This game is called the Special Forces Game, and is a shooting game.  This game features 2 game modes, you can choose to be an assault force, or a defense force.

Before going any farther, to play this game on AtoZgames.com, be sure to play it in full screen mode! Look for this icon below the game and press it, If not, you will not be able to see the whole screen!

Also, you have a huge variety of scenarios to choose from, different battle fields! This means that you can play the game over and over and not see the same stuff twice.

Weapons and controls

You have multiple weapons to choose from. The 1 thru 6 keyboard buttons will change your weapon. To throw a grenade, push G.
Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move your soldier.
Your left mouse button fires your weapon, the right aims it.
The space bar will make the soldier jump
Your tab button pauses the game.
The keyboard Ctrl crouches the player.
Left Shift makes him run.

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See an example of this game being badly played at https://youtu.be/5go_-XjpZfU
And as always, happy gaming, from AtoZgames.com

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